2 Unity Class Chalet

Just when I was feeling damn bored that day...

My ex-classmate called me and reminded me that I was supposed to attend 2 unity class chalet!!! Hehehehe.

Sooo happy to see them again... I swear, I love 2 unity cos they are all so lovable and sincere and really nice people deep inside.

Well, most of them, at least.

And they genuinely care for you.. Everytime I seem to be in a lil trouble they'll all start asking me if I'm okay and stuff.

I really miss those secondary school times... It feels like I've left sec sch damn long already, but it's only been a few months or something. Or even less than that.

I reached there kinda late and they were all off for dinner already...

So I met them and we went to Hei Sushi for dinner!

I didn't really like the food. I hate Sakae Sushi or Hei Sushi or whatever mediocre yucky japanese restaurant.

I think jap food only tastes good if it's those with really good quality.. which is usually quite costly. Unlike western food which can taste good even if it from McDonalds!

Sakae Sushi etc's jap food is DAMN AWFUL. Hardly food at all...

Wanna eat Jap food? Go hanabi!! My favvvvvv.

Katong Mall / King Alberts Park got.

I kinda liked Hei Sushi's Udon though... Very long, squishy and fun to eat. Yea, FUN to eat!

Me with HuiWen. She's sooooooooo nice. She and Jie Ying were like my caretakers in Sec1 & 2!!

Always looking out for me, keeping homework for me whenever I skipped school (but not like I ever did the HW anyway LOL.. oops)

Thanks girls! I'll always remember how sweet you two were :)

The bottom part of HuiWen's shirt says "Not wearing underwear"

HAHAHAHA. No jk duh.

They're damn cute la, when I took out my camera and said, "Cheese!"

Both of them automatically did this.

WHY ARE SOME PPL SO CAMERA-SHY? Then why am I like always wanting to be snapped? LOL~~~

After dinner we went to walk around E!Hub...

Taking photos as we went! But the photos are with Shannon. I love his camera, I just LOVE SONY CAMERAS!

I've been here very often for the past few months! For BBQ, Chalet, Movies, Food... Mostly movies.

LOL shannon snapped this! I was trying to get a good shot and squatting was tiring.

Being a blogger not easy.

Go until where must purposely take photos, like some tourist you know!

And after a lot of photo taking which you will see in future posts,

We went back to our rooooooooooooom.

And.. Ta-dah!

Was greeted warmly by this sign. Heh-heh.


2 unity!!

Me and Felicia. When I look at her long rebonded hair, I miss my hair cos that's kinda what my hair was like last time! Very straight and long and smooth!

Oh ya speaking of smooth hair... I just HAVE to rave about L'oreal Rinse out treatment! Ok I dunno whether that's the full name or not but it's in a pink bottle. Something like conditioner?

Omfg I used it and my hair was INSTANTLY soft like... SILK!!!


My hair hasn't been that smooth, silky soft and untangly since like what... primary school? No more frizzy dry and damaged hair. And my hair had more shine when it dried, plus the smoothness remained and I totally didn't have any tangles.


Hello adorable people :)

Me with Shannon!!!!!!

I have loads of pictures with you, GIVE ME! I know you will be reading this!

And after fooling around with them, watching TV, talking blahblahblah..

It was nearing midnight and I didn't want to stay over so....

Victor came to pick me up!

We weren't sure where to go at first, so after a lil thought..

I came up with a fantastic idea.


Wooohoohooo it was damn funny I tell you, me and Victor were pretty excited (dunno why) and just laughing all the way. We were two bored people who didn't have anything to do or anywhere to go at midnight.

All we had was his car, so we made full use of it and drove to Changi Village..

Unfortunately, no PRETTY GIRLS there!! :(

So disappointing!

The last time I went people-watching with my MOTHER.. Hahahaha that was effing funny too. We were in my mum's bf car and me and my mum were bending down and hiding so the pretty girl couldn't see us and thought my mum bf was alone and wanted her service..

So she came up to his car and started flirting with him in her/his raspy (or sexy?) voice and my mum's head suddenly popped out. You should have seen how pissed the pretty girl was!!!!

Ahahaha since there were no pretty girls we decided to drive down to Pasir Ris Park for prawning.

But I couldn't take it la.

Prawning is expensive, smelly, disgusting and dirty.

Dig live clams out of their shells to hook as bait? No thank you!

Dunno why people like to prawn. I don't even like to EAT prawns in the first place! I think I'm biased towards prawns. The only type of prawn I like is salad prawn / mayo prawn... yummmmmmyyyy.

So after deciding prawning was not meant for us, we decided to go down to GEYLANG for more people watching!!!

Omfg I tell you there were lots of PRETTY GIRLS! I don't usually go Geylang so I was kinda shocked by the largeeeeeeeee number of them, like, everywhere.

They were all "stationed" outside hotels.. Hotel 81 had the most pretty girls. Some of them look so "innocent" and dressed so decently/normally, I wouldn't have known should I have seen them somewhere else.

Some of them honestly just look like any other decent girl-next-door, you know?

We were driving into lil back alleys and oggling... until we got bored. I decided I was hungry, so we drove around to random destinations to see got anything nice to eat or not..

Victor suggested we had supper at Geylang but I wasn't too comfortable. What if people there walk up to me and ask me one night how much?! OMG I think I would die right there and then!!!!

After random roundings we decided on Newton Circus cos I had sudden cravings for BBQ Stingray and Oyster Omelette.

YUMMY!!! My fav dishes :)

I'm a foooodie.

Look how happy I am, just because my cravings are satisfied. I know the background of the pic doesn't really look like Newton... Anyway I think Newton is meant for tourists lor, the prices are more expensive than your normal hawker!

But the food not bad laaa... love their oyster omelette :)

I eat oyster omeletters WITHOUT the oyster.. I just think the egg tastes nicer somehow. Has a starchy feel to it.

After eating our "main courses", I had a sudden craving for tao hway.

Omg I know right, what's with me and my sudden cravings at 2am?!

So Victor brought me to buy Rochor Beancurd!

WHICH WAS EFFING DELICIOUSS OMG I cannot begin to describe how smooth and yummilicious and awesome and crazily cheap/value-for-money it is.

Went to my place to dig in ....

Me with my mouth stuffed full, very happy with the best bowl of tao hway I've ever ate in my life. LOL.

After eating it was wee hours in the morning already so we played a few Wii games and he left. I've been playing my Wii more often nowadays! Finally making the money to buy it worth it...

And then I zonked out!!!!! Was soooo tired.

I was supposed to meet the rest of them at the chalet at late afternoon the next day

but Jie Ying woke me up at an ungodly hour of 10am and told me they're going to Wild Wild Wet "NOW", and told me to come down!!!!!

Omg meanies aren't they.

Have they no idea how tired I was?!?! I told them, "ok ok I'm coming.."

But then I fell right back asleep. HAHAHA. Couldn't help it, haven't felt so tired in the morning for a long time.

But they called me AGAIN after awhile so no choice I took a cab down... My eyes were barely even open and I had to force my contacts in :(

I cant wear specs to swim! My specs cost 10000 times more than my contacts!

I was very late (somehow.. even tho I rushed) when I reached Wild Wild Wet...

When I walked in, I immediately saw a bunch of familiar faces!

My lovable classmates! Ehehehe. They were floating past me in the "Shiok River", shouting things like "HELLO!!!! We waited for you more than 1 hour liao, fasterrr lehhh"

Anyways I had AWESOME FUN with them at Wild Wild Wet!! Thank you guys for making my day so wonderful!

They were very sweet la, always fussing over me cos they think I'm this da xiao jie who needs to be fussed over. LOL. But I really appreciate it, everything y'all did, thank you thank you :)

It totally made me nostalgic..

I long for the times I could see their adorable faces everyday in class! You guys are the best classmates ever.

I've been to Wild Wild Wet 4 times this year already!

I love the blue colour thingy where you have to carry this insane two seater blue float up the stairs then slide it down. Fun-ness! Wish amusement parks in SG could be more thrilling...

Escape's meant for 4 year olds to play :/

I was worried about getting tan... but I don't think I got alot tanner :)

Prolly just a lil bit. Thank god I wasn't sunburnt! I HATE THE SUN.

After hours of screaming and fun...

All fresh after a bath!

Ah lian, Shannon and Me!!!! (looking extremely bare-faced, I know)

Feels sooooo good to walk around outside having just showered... Doesn't get any fresher than that!

(some of) The people who make 2unity as lovely as it is/was :)

Ahahaha they all look so normal whereas I look so odd! Check out how my hair looks like when it's wet! HAHAH damn funny right! Small auntie curls.

And then we headed back to the Chalet where I took a nap... After I woke up I went to the "sea side / beach" to look for them and we just sat there to chill.


I'm so happy that I'm going Bintan!

nd feeling sea side

Nothing makes me feel more relaxed than sitting in front of the sea/ocean/whatever.

Looking far out into the endless horizon,
where nothing obstructs your view of the clear blue sky, listening to the waves washing up against the shore and feeling the sea breeze
brush against your face..

Best. Feeling. Ever.

I miss my time at Pulau Besar..

We started taking a lot of photos again. Hehhe I love it when people are camwhores just like me. LOL. It's damn boring when people refuse to take photos!

What are memories without images to prove and remind you of them?!

And then it started to rain so we headed back to the chalet..

After awhile it was time for BBQ! :)

I ATE NON-STOP!!!! Guilty as charged. I am undoubtedly a freaking glutton.

Me with Shannon again :) :)

And don't you worry about what other people say about your looks! Those who commented probably look like crap themselves... Show them you can be a num boy no matter what they say ok!

Me with my Fav Teacher On Earth.

Hehhhh I don't even know why I had that expression.. Mr.Yeo's position looks like a floating alibaba!

He is, to me, more than a teacher. A friend, an advisor, a pillar of strength and support, somehow. He has taught me great lessons outside of the classroom.

Another person I owe a lot to for making my stay at Holy Innocents High School better..


...But then the bozos beside me were like, "which is right ah?"


Thank god Mr.Yeo knows which is his right foot... something he can teach his students now :)

Other pictures with Shannon to be uploaded next time. I enjoyed these 2 days with 2 unity... It makes me sad to know that there MAY not be a chance for us to gather and have fun like this again.

MEMORIES!!! Priceless. You guys have given that to me. They will remain with me for a veryvery long time.


I'm ending my post here, I'm like struggling through this entry cos am sooo fucking tired and sleepy.

I'm meeting Clifford tomorrow!

Yay. Who says ex-boyfriends can't be good friends?!?!

I think we're going swimming and omg I think I'm REALLY gonna get tan this time.. I hope not though!

Bring on the sunblock!!!!!

Byeeeeeeee peeps! This may be my last post before I head off to Bintan :)

You guys can still leave comments, I will accept and reply to them when I get back.

Lots of love!