Fiona on toilet doors

Today, I was very pissed off with this person called Fiona. I worked for her but due to some problems, she demanded that I refund almost HALF the pay I received to her, if not she wouldn't pay Fidelis.

WTF?!?!? Totally unprofessional.

She is terribly immature for someone her age. Lao char boh already still like that, pfft. I advice people who know this agent to never accept jobs from her in the futurebecause you wouldn't wanna end up like me and Fidelis.

I was very pissed off at this douchebag and started cursing her silently and I went out to cool myself down and I decided to take a poop in a random public toilet.

As I was halfway done with my big business, I saw scribbled messages all over the toilet door.

Taking a closer look... The messages read,

"I hate Fiona. I suffocate whenever I am around her. She is very smelly. Please call her at 97600331 to tell her that she needs to use deodorant =("

....How queer!

Right below that message, I saw another one that read,

"Omfg I hate this person named Fiona too!!! She is such a bitch. Her number is 67522648. Feel free to prank call her because she totally deserves it =D"

And after finishing pooping, I felt very relieved because I knew that I was not the only one in the world who was really irritated by a Fiona.

I wonder if they are the same Fiona?

I wouldn't know, would I? Since I've already deleted her number. Tsk.