funniest msg in a long time

I am very active when it comes to the internet.

I have a blog, I have friendster, I have MSN, I surf other peoples blogs, I surf forums, I have facebook, I even have WhoLivesNearYou and the list goes on..

So yeah, internet predators are not new to me. When you put yourself out there in the internet like I do, you can't complain about flamers or creepy chikopeks..

I have met TONS of creeps online, with all sorts of crazy offers, and all sorts of sad, sad pick up lines.. In fact I get them like every single day (creepy guys trying to hook up with me.) I'm sure almost every girl does.

Most of them start off by asking how I'm doing (not like they really care), and whether I have any plans this weekend, or if I would be interested to go out for a spin etc..

A few minutes ago, I just browsed through my WLNY inbox and I saw THE FUNNIEST MSG EVER...




"can i jio u be my gf

we slowly progress

we can exchange number,

if wan to be my gf sms me 9425560x"



No awkward

HI, HELLO, can make fren, u so pretty girl, How's your day? or any of that bullshit.

Straight to the "Can I jio u? If ok, sms me."


The best part is, I went to his profile and I was greeted by a very intelligent introduction of himself. I have to say though, he sums it all up pretty well.


" i is a outgoing guy, hanging out with friend de."


I is also a outgoing galgal and lub to hanging out with cool guy like u de!!!

Ya reckon I should sms this guy?




...My only concern is whether he's worth that 5 cents!



Ahahaha I just received more messages..

Gosh.. WhoLivesNearYou is the ultimate place to go to meet desperate freaks

Ok, maybe I'm being mean. Maybe not all of them are desperate freaks!

Some of them could actually be, well,... decent lonely men in their late twenties wanting to brefriend a 16 year old girl online, ya know what I mean?!?

This one is kinda cute!!!! The way to my heart is definitely through my stomach, hehehe

"I want to bake brownies & cook Bruschetta 'n Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breasts ! Any taster out there?? haha
if happen that you can't reply here, maybe you can send me an email or msn me at on****
Hope to hear from you soon =)"


AHAHA yes I would love to taste your Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breasts pleaaaaaaasseeee!!!