Gillette event.... My virgin GOLD CLASS movie!

Yesterday, I attended this bloggers gathering kindly sponsored by

Gillette, The Best A Man Can Get.
(Cheesy, but I like it)

Thanks to Estee dear for inviting me!

I was told to bring a male partner along but since James was being an ass, I decided to bring my baby Fidelis along instead~

We were being treated to a buffet lunch @ Serenity Restaurant, Vivo City.

That's what they said, anyway.. What was actually served - Just bread, small bites, etc. But it's okay cos their food was pretty good anyways :)

My name card and tics!

I love receiving name tags/cards whenever I go to events, makes me feel special. LOL.

Yummmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy :)

I always pig out, no matter when and no matter where.. *sigh*

Me being very excited around food.

Me with Boss Ming.. The great man who made earning money through our blogs possible. I love Nuffnang!

Babe with one of the guys from Gillette

Me with my plate half cleared and mouth stuffed with food trying to pose for a picture and smile. Not cute.

After some gossiping, Wendy and Mike joined us at the table and we did more gossiping / chatting. All gossip mongers!!! Sinful pleasure.

Me finished with my food, getting trigger-happy. Funny candid, check out all of their expressions!!

After much lazing around and talking it was finally time to go up to catch our Gold Class movie...

Quantum Of Solace.
I had no idea what a Gold Class movie was.

I thought it was one of those overrated lame names they dubbed theatres with, but they told me it was supposedly a lot better than the normal cinema and that it was also freaking expensive.

38 bucks?!?!

I told them they were siao lor! I wouldn't pay fucking 38 dollars for one movie when I could get it at 10. How good could it be, to be worth that much money?

Wendy was like, "eh let's go up to the lounge area to lounge around"

And I was like WTF?!?!?! GOT LOUNGE EVEN?

Then I went inside the lounge and they even had a bar there -________-""""

I felt very sua ku lor.

Chio Wendy and Chio Jessica

Babessssss. Woohoo.

Jayden, our botak army boy!

We are very trigger-happy people.

Taking pictures all the way from the restaurant to the lounge to inside the cinema LOL.

I think it's funny how the painting inbetween me and Fidel's head is places so perfectly, almost as if "she" was meant to be part of the picture as well.

Estee, me, Fidel and Nadia =)

Only in blogger gatherings would you see people shamelessly and furiously snapping pictures away in a dark packed cinema.

When I reached my seat.. I was pleasantly surprised. I was greeted by this BIG, FAT VELVET SOFA!!!

Calling it a seat would be an understatement. It was AWESOME. You can even adjust your foot rest and the back rest. So I was practically lying down throughout the whole movie. Got blanket some more la!

I changed my mind. I will definitely be buying Gold Class seats next time. LOL. The price is ridiculous but I'm in love with their sofas.

This is the way to watch a movie man.

I was sooooooooo comfortable that I almost fell asleep during the show. THE SHOW WAS SHITTY. Word of advice - don't bother watching it.

All I remember was girls falling in love and getting fucked by the new ugly Bond, and lots of explosions, gun fights, car chases blahblah.

Sooooo cliche and mediocre. I wouldn't pay to watch it, so thank goodness for Gillette.

After the movie... Everyone parted ways!

Except for me and Fidelis. Hehehehe. We're like glueeee.

Before we left... GROUP PICTURES!!!

Wa I have the biggest head of all leh. LOL.

One last photo... and off me and Fidel went to Forever 21!

SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT, we saw nothing nice at all to buy. So irritating. I was looking forward to bringing several shopping bags home with new loots :(

We went to Daiso after that, and even went to the Arcade but all the fun games were spoilt. Why is everything so annoying?!?!

So we felt really restless, felt really bored... until I came up with a fantastic plan to cheer ourselves up.

GO EAT.. AGAIN!!!!!!

At my favourite Thai Accent! Food is like the only interesting thing to us. Tskkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Tom Yup Soup so spicy that I felt my tongue and throat on fire. This says alot, coming from a huge spice lover like me. The best part? I was having a sore throat. Till now!!!! Must be too much unhealthy food.

Oh my god. My favourite dessert, ever! Thai Accent's Mango Sticky Rice, yipee yay. Two plates of Mango Sticky Rice.. SIX sauces of sinfully delicious coconut sauce!!!! *salivates*

And then it was Home Sweet Home for me and Fidel.

Us on the very bump cab ride~

She came over to my place cos we wanted to swim originally but it was dark by the time we got home!! Boo. No fun swimming in the dark.

...After this I climbed onto her and we started having lesbian sex.

AHAHAHA not really.. just continued taking more pictures then surfed the net.

The most boliao pair of girlfriends.

We are great self-entertainers!

My cutest girlfriend ever!!

Our polaroids that were given by Estee :)

Polaroids are so fun, I feel like getting one!!



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