more bday preparations

Omg I feel so tired and dizzy.

I've FINALLY completed drawing all my cards for James.. spent the whole fucking day. 5 a4 size cards, not bad huh? Love the results, although I would have wanted to put more pages and more photos but I can't cos

1) not enough time, each card takes hours to finish, i only have one day left and i need to go shopping for present tomorrow

2) my fucking photo printer keeps dying on me!! and i have to send it for repair now, booooooo. i am so bad with gadgets sometimes. look im not even capitalizing my letters anymore thats how tired i am. whenever i stand up i am dizzy.

omgomg busy busy busy i should have started preparing earlier.

tomorrow i am going to wake up early and shower cos i cant be bothered to shower right now. ewww i know im a dirty lil pig hahaha. then after that i will have to search online for cake recipes.

i found the perfect cake for him but his mum bought a FIVE kg cake. ok lor, she win, nevermind. i will bake a mini cake only for him. HAH! got more sincerity. she buy, i bake. neh neh.

thx everyone for sending me suggestions, love u all many many. now i need recipes for a small and easy to bake cake! his mum is buying chocolate so maybe i would do vanilla (cos i like) or coffee-related (cos he like)?!

then i have to go shopping for a nice watch for him tmr, then buy nice decorations cos i plan to go to his house early to decorate before he books out from camp, as a surprise.

mary, if u are reading this, can u help me?!?! i wanna go decorate ur house, or isit decorated already?? let me know!!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh damn tired.

byebye. i promise a good long post soon, after james bday is over or something when i can finish it up! then more shoot piccys, woohoo!!

fidelis is so fucking gonna kill me!!!! i love you fidel lololol.

xoxo, jess