City of Angels

Life's a blur right now.. everything feels so, unreal.

I watched City Of Angels till dawn yesterday (again)

What a beautiful love story... I'm definitely in love with Nicholas Cage. I fall in love with him everytime I watch one of his shows.

If only angels really existed. If only dying was really that peaceful. Nothing inspires me more than a good movie.

Crying never felt so good before..

As each hot tear rolled down my cheek, I am reminded that I am human. Despite everything that's happened to make me numb...

It feels so good to know that I can still.. well, feel. That I am still human, that I have feelings, no matter how neglected they have been.

I think I'm going to watch touching movies every single night from now on.

Slow updates on my blog to be expected, I have class chalet from today till the 26th and I'll be going to Bintan on 27th and will be back a few days later. Will be my first time travelling out of Singapore for a photoshoot.. or rather holiday fully sponsored. Nyahaha! Why couldn't it be somewhere like Paris tho?

Nvm, the photographer promised me it would happen, in the future.

A short getaway to Bintan.. is exactly what I need right now. Be very jealous, I am going to jet ski my ass off.

Who knew that getting to Bintan only took 1 hour?! Next time if I wake up early in the morning and have nothing to do, I'll go to Bintan to walk walk. LOL.