Yay! Almost done with preparations


I am finally done :)

Spent the day shopping for tomorrow's stuff...

I decided to bake a "cake" that has a chocolate brownie base, peanut butter with water middle part and cheesecake top! Yummmyyyyy.

Cuteeee heart shape pieces :)

Ok I lied about the yummy part. Mum says it tastes ok but I doubt so. I don't like peanut butter!!! Thankfully James does.


I am not the best pastry maker... but hope he likes it. I made him quite a few heart shape cookies/cakes before =)

And also...

The cards I drew for him. Couldn't draw more even tho I wanted, fucking printer had to die on me.

LOL don't ya just love the "21 james faces" !!!!!!!

And lastly...

Decorations I bought cos I dont think his family will buy balloons etc. I bought alot of banners, even bought party hats and everything else :)

Going there super early in the morning to deco his house and help out if possible. Yipee yay!

Havent decided on the present but its ok cos his actual bday is on 21 nov lalalala.

Hope everything goes well tmrrrrrrrrrrr.